Thursday, 8 March 2012

How about Travelling Now?

THE Christmas holiday is over, the party season is finished, and everyone is back to work, or school or whatever activity they were engaged in their normal life. People are thinking about Form One admissions, the school fees and how to budget their year. No one is thinking about a holiday at the Coast, a game drive at one of our impressive national parks, a trek in a beautiful forest or a mountainous range.

That is what many of us are thinking, but who said that this has to be the case for everyone? Who said that we all have to follow the flow or the majority? To the non-conventional thinker, this is the best time to travel. For those who like their privacy, time alone in an uncrowned beach, or a vast park to yourself, or more kingly treatment at the lodges, this is your time. When everyone else is thinking about anything but travel, when everyone is telling the stories of how their holiday was or wasn’t, you could create your own. For most people, money is spent and so is their desire to travel, tour or engage in leisure activities, but this is not the case for everyone. While people partied during the festive season, some worked their head off on night shift, or on vocational duty. There was not time to relax, and enjoy the season, except on the Christmas eve evening and the 26th of December, then you were back to work for three days, then took another two days off on the first and second of January.

Now your leave is here, and you have some allowance that you saved up. Why not reward yourself by taking a holiday.  A one week, a weekend or a one day holiday will do. To start with, travel products have become a bit cheaper. The accommodation prices that had more than doubled in most facilities are now back to normal. The large number of travelers has gone back home and now you can enjoy that royalty treatment because every park, hotel and lodge is awaiting that single, non-conventional traveler who did not join the others during the December holidays. Everyone is headed in one direction; why not head in the opposite direction?  Why not park your bags, call up a friend or two and head down south? Or, you could do it alone. This might be the only chance that you will get to have some me-time in the entire year. Seize it and enjoy!

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